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Who’s #1 In Your Life?

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As we sit back and try to answer the above question, of course we automatically say God.  But when we reflect on Matthew 6:33 are we really seeking God 1st in every situation and circumstance?  Odds are probably not.  So how can we change this?  Glad you asked.  Here are some ways that we as seekers can start seeking His kingdom first…

–        Acknowledge Him in all of our ways

–        Be thankful for what you have without looking at what you don’t have

–        Believe you can do anything that God calls you to do

–        Be secure in who God has called you to be

–        Challenges will come, but we can stay in peace knowing God has our back

–        Separate from those who live contrary to God’s ways

–        When faced with temptation, avoid areas of weakness…stay away and out of those situations

If we would seek His kingdom first everything else will fall into place.  He knows exactly what it is we need and when we need it.  Each and every day we must wake up and desire to follow after God.  What does it mean to follow God? It means to obey God, to follow His lead, and to do what He says. Don’t be impatient, wait on God!!  God has to work in us before he can work through us.  Strive to seek God 1st each and every day.  Enjoy the journey!!

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Matthew 6: 33


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