Seacoast Coed Softball League Rules

Game time is forfeit time.

Seacoast Sports Softball 2015 League Rules

 MPRD/ASA Rules apply except for the following “Seacoast Sports league rules”

  •  Batting order does not have to be alternating male-female. Coaches are free to assemble their batting lineup any way they like.
  •  Females count as 2 runs when they cross the plate. Males count as 1 run.   You may not substitute females pinch runners for males.
  • Courtesy runners should only be used in the case of injury, and should be the last out of the same gender. (Last Guy Out…Last Girl Out)
  •  There must be a MINIMUM of 4 females playing in the field for each team
  •  Teams must have 8 players to begin a game. If a team does not have at least 8 players at game time, they may use players from other teams to fill up to 10 players.  If additional players show up after the game has started, they can be substituted in freely.
  •  If teams “pick up” players from another team, they must give their opponent 1 run per male player added, and 2 runs per female player added.
  •  Home Runs are unlimited.
  •  Teams must bat as many players as they have playing in the field, but are also free to bat their entire lineup, or any number in between. Once a batting lineup is established, it may not be shortened or altered in any way for the remainder of the game (unless additional players arrive, or players leave early)
  •  For any female batter, all outfielders must stay behind the Co-ed line until the ball is hit. If the batter is male, fielders are free to play a short-fielder.
  •  Seacoast Sports will supply each team with softballs. Teams may only use balls given out by the league…NO EXCEPTIONS.  We use softer balls as a safety precaution.  This is a VERY important rule.
  •  Each team will be given 6 new softballs to use in the games, and are responsible for keeping up with their game balls throughout the year. If a team loses all its game balls, additional balls will be $5 each.
  •  There will be no grace periods given for game times. Please have your team arrive at least 20 minutes prior to game time for pre-game devotional.
  •  There will be no electronic scoreboard operating during the games. Therefore, the coaches are responsible for keeping their own score, and settling any scoring disputes in a friendly manner.
  •  Teams may add players to their roster up until the final game of the season. Added players must still pay the full $40 registration fee before they play.  Players must have played in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs.
  •  ASA or NSA approved bats are OK.
  •  Any on-field disputes should be settled between the coaches and the umpire. The umpire always has the final word in any dispute between teams.
  •  Game time limit will be 75 minutes. If the first pitch of an inning has been thrown at the end of 75 minutes, that entire inning must be finished.
  •  If a game ends in a tie, the scorekeeper will record the game as a tie. No extra innings until the playoffs.