Flag Football League

Game time is forfeit time.

Game Time

Games will be 1 hour long, broken into 15 minute quarters.  There will be no breaks between quarters (just switch sides of the field), and halftime will only be 3-5 minutes. Keep huddle time to 20 seconds or less. The purpose of the decreased breaks is to allow for as much game time as possible. 

Overtime – When the hour is up and if the score is tied, there will be overtime.  The rules for overtime are that we give each team 4 downs from the 15-yard line.  If the first team scores, the second team gets a chance to tie.  After each round, if one team has a touchdown and the other doesn’t that’s the game.

Players on the field

5 guys and 2 girls on the field, unless otherwise agreed upon by the coaches at the beginning of the game.  If there are an abundance of females, it’s recommended that coaches agree to play 4 and 3, in order for everyone to be able to have equal playing time.  If there are only two girls between the two teams, then a 6 and 1 strategy would make sense.   In short, the ratio on the field should match the ratio in attendance between both teams. 

 Pick-Up Policy

If a team does not have enough guys or girls to put 5 and 2 on the field, that team will be allowed to pick up players from the opposing team (if the other team is willing) or from another team.  If a team picks up a player, the penalty will be 6 points if it’s a guy, and 9 points if it’s a girl.

Adding players throughout the season: Can add new players to a team throughout regular season.  In order for a player to be eligible to play in the playoffs he/she had to of played in at least 2 regular season games.


Guys touchdowns will be worth 6 points, and girls touchdowns will be worth 9 points.  Guys extra points will be worth 1 point, and girls extra points will be worth 3 points.  A girl’s touchdown or extra point will be awarded if a girl either runs the ball in, catches a pass, or throws a pass as a QB. 

 Female Plays

Females should still be targeted at least once every four plays, although it’s no longer mandatory to go to a female on 1st or 2nd down. 

 Guarding Females

Since there is no longer a mandatory 1st or 2nd down rule, there will be no “must go to a girl” situations.  Therefore, guys guarding girls should never come into play anymore.

 Running Plays

This season, running plays will be allowed.  However, a QB may not scramble with the ball at any time.  Running plays include hand-offs, pitches, or reverses. 

 Passing Plays

This season, there will not be a neutral zone.  Passing receivers may catch a pass at any point on the field, including just off the line of scrimmage.   Defenders are welcome to start closer to the receiver than 5 yards away…however, rushers are not.

Defensive Rushing

Rushers must still start 8 yards behind the line of scrimmage.   No one who starts closer than 8 yards away will be able to rush the QB, and must stay on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage while the QB has the ball.  A team can send as many rushers as it wants, as long as all rushers start 8 yards from the line of scrimmage.


Blockers may only move until a rusher gets within 2 steps of them.  Once a rusher gets within 2 steps, the blocker must stop and stand still with hands to their side.  Blockers may not reach or extend their arms at rushers.


No officials.  Therefore, it is very important for coaches to remain flexible, and to take responsibility for calling penalties on your own team if necessary.  If there is a penalty, it is the coaches’ responsibility to get together after the play to discuss the penalty and determine whether a penalty should be assessed.   Coaches should always try to be as liberal as possible with taking penalties without argument.  If the other team thinks it’s a penalty, then the coach should accept that and move along.

 Give and Take Close Calls

If there is a close call and it’s arguable, then one team should accept the ruling for that play.  On the next close play, the other coach should take the penalty.  This is the fair way to judge close calls without an official.  Coaches are responsible for being fair and friendly at all times with these close calls.  If we cannot come to an agreement on a close call, flip a coin.  If you do not have a coin handy, flip your lightest player.

 Clock Management

Since there are no officials to start the season, the teams will be responsible for keeping time.  Time can be kept by a coach, by someone on the sidelines, or by a spectator on the sidelines.  In a timeout situation, it is the coach’s responsibility to make sure the clock keeper stops the clock for the timeout.  The clock keeper needs to be aware to call out time as it expires (ie at 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and under 1 minute as time expires).


The ball possession and direction will be determined with a coin toss at the beginning of the game.  The winner of the coin toss will choose whether to take the ball, or defer to the second half.  The loser of the toss will choose what end of the field they want to defend. 


This is going to be the most important aspect of making this season a success.  Coaches are very responsible for making sure that their players understand that this season is not about competitiveness, but rather about having fun.  It’s very important that all coaches are always friendly, always willing to compromise, and are always quick to keep their players in line when it comes to keeping the play fun and friendly. 


Each team will have 2 timeouts every game.  If a coach calls a timeout, it is the coach’s responsibility to make sure that the clock keeper stops the clock, and then re-starts it on the snap of the ball.  If there is a problem with the clock, the coaches should get together and agree on how to fix it, perhaps by adding time to the clock. 


Code of Conduct
As with any supported activity, all rules apply for the duration of this event…
1. Understand, appreciate and abide by the rules of the game.
2. Respect the integrity of this league.
3. Respect your opponent.
4. Be responsible for your actions and maintain self-control.
5. Do not taunt or bait opponents and refrain from using foul or abusive language.
6. Fighting will not be tolerated. Any instance of fighting may result in a team forfeit of the tournament without refund and possible expulsions from future tournaments.
7. Alcohol and smoking is not allowed at any tournament.
Anyone in violation of this code of conduct as declared by the tournament personnel will be disqualified from the league without refund and will leave the premises immediately.


  • Keep teammates up-to-date on all current rule changes and policies.
  • Act as the sole voice for your team.
  • Keep control of all players and fans.
  • Ensuring all teammates have submitted registration form and paid the entry fee.