Cross Court Christian Athletics…where the gospel of Jesus Christ and the world of athletics come together.  We are a Christian organization with a focus on athletics.  Through athletic events, we will promote spiritual growth in Christ followers and seekers by using core Christian values of fellowship, discipleship, and integrity. As it currently stands, we at CCCA are faced with a funding challenge for our non-profit organization.  Facility and court rental fees, insurance, t-shirts, equipment and security costs add up quickly.  We want to be able to offer the fun and fulfillment of our events to all our youth and adults in the community at a resonable cost.  Therefore, we’re asking for the help of our local neighborhood business friends, and our caring community, to support our organization in order to help keep the experience more affordable.

Why Donate…

    • Support the work of God in our community
    • Reach children and adults with a positive message
    • Promote fair play and physical fitness
    • You believe in the cause…introducing kids and adults to God

Every little bit counts

We love hosting tournaments and leagues and want to host many more.  In order to do so we rely on your donations.  Please consider donating a minimum of $10 and if you can do more we would be so grateful!  Paypal and credit card accepted, and of course if you would rather mail in your donation please click here to notify CCCA that you would like to mail in your donation.  Thank you for your generosity!