Meet The Founder

My Family

I’m Jaime Koch, Executive Director of Cross Court Christian Athletics. I graduated from College of Charleston in 2005, and went into teaching physical education at a local middle school. I taught 6th-8th grade and served as the athletic director for 7 years. Over those years I learned a lot about kids, parents, scheduling, fund-raising, administrative side of athletics, and the competitiveness that we all have within. Teaching within a public school setting, I was limited to how much I could incorporate God into my daily work routine. Everyone that knows me, knows that my passion is God and athletics. I just had to find a way to bring the two together. After spending some alone time with God and praying for some guidance and direction, he spoke to me and provided me with the details to start Cross Court Christian Athletics. That was the best day of my life when I realized what exactly I was to do…I now had a new vision. I am very passionate about this organization and believe that athletics is the best way to reach our youth and community.

Personal– First and foremost, though, I’m a wife and mother, and those are the most important positions I’ll ever hold. Alongside my handsome husband Wes, I’m currently earning an outstanding “mom salary” in the form of hilarious quotables from my 4-year old daughter, Malia, and wide-eyed giggles from my new baby girl, Carter. My husband Wes is my best friend, my foundation, and my biggest fan. Wes and I follow God in all we do. We sing loudly and off-key every Sunday at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant, SC to prove it to Him. We also play an active role in the leadership at our church, coaching several co-ed sports teams, and mentoring young small group leaders. When we’re not changing diapers, Wes and I spend our free time on the golf course, wetting a line at a neighborhood pond, and leading a young couples’ small group called “The Honeymooners”.